Following the Trans-Am Bike Race

Bob and  I have been following the participants in the Trans-Am Bike Race from the start. The winner finished two days ago in an Alpha 7 Velomobile. That is a first and it might make big news in the Velo world. Marcel even broke the men’s record.

The second place finisher, Peter, also beat the men’s record.

One participant got way off track in Montana. She was lost, running into dead end roads. When we saw she was finally out and in a hotel, Bob called her to make sure she was all right. It was then we learned that her GPS went out. Thankfully, she is all right and has been riding hard to make up for lost time. She certainly was not the first person to get off course. A few men have gotten off course in past races.

The main other people we are watching is a friend of ours and two musicians. The two musicians will be performing live at Newton Bike Shop. George wrote a song in tribute to Mike Hall, who was a pioneer in the bicycle world. It will be at least a week before they arrive. Here is the YouTube video: Be More Mike.

The prize for first place is bragging rights. Yes, you read that correctly. There is no prize at the end. This race is for all the crazies who just want to tackle the challenge. Next year or two, I hope to be one of those crazies. Maybe even crazier since I am much older than most of the participants.

If you want to see some of the video clips of the racers, visit Newton Bike Shop Trans-Am 2018.

Trans-Am Bike Race

This past Saturday, June 2, the Trans-Am Bike race started from Astoria, Oregon. It is a 4,300 mile, self-supported bicycle race that ends in Yorktown, Virginia. Bob and I are following them on-line, watching returning participants. This is the fifth year for the race. The route follows one of the several Adventure Cycling routes.

Bob has bicycled that route years ago a couple times on his own. A few years back, he participated in that race. He started great until he reached Montana, where his bike frame broke. With over 100,000 miles on that bike, I guess that was due to happen. Thank God that Bob was coasting into town, rather than high speed down a mountain.

Bob was surprised that happened. One of our friends, who owns a bike shop, told us that he has seen cracked bike frames. There is a lot of stress on a couple points on a bike.

Last year, the race started to allow pairs. That is the only way I would think of participating in the Trans-Am race. Maybe within the next few years, when I can get my brain wrapped around the total distance I would be riding.  It would certainly  be the biggest bicycling challenge in my life.