Miguel’s Paradise in Costa Rica

Miguel is a fortunate person to have grown up in an area and stay there to be grandfathered into the Las Tablas Protected Zone, which was established in 1981. Las Tablas Protected Zone, in South Puntarenas area, covers about 70,000 acres.

From San Vito, Bob and I bicycled through Sabalito and a couple villages before reaching LaLucha, where pavement ended. It was Sunday so Bob and I were lucky to find one small store open. Muffins and water was all they had. Not much fuel for what was ahead of us, but it was something. We carried energy bars which we ended up using about half way up that mountain.

It was a brutal four hours to climb 15 km (9 mi). Bob and I ended up pushing our bikes part of the way. Within a mile of our destination, we crossed a mountain stream so we took a minute to cool off. It was just what we needed on a hot, dusty road.

Mountain stream that Bob and I cooled off in

Miguel and his family are among the most welcoming people we have ever met. We were fed an abundance of homemade food. Perfect for a couple of ravenous bike-packers.

An excellent carpenter, Miguel built the waterwheel that houses a generator to supply electricity for the house.

Waterwheel that Miguel built

Here is another glimpse of his property:


The exterior of the house, which Miguel built, looked like a typical Tico house, but the inside is stunning. The house was handcrafted with care. Bob and I were seated in the dining room but we could see the kitchen. The cabinets, table, chairs, floor, ceiling – everything. Unfortunately, I did not take photos of the inside.

Bob and I spent only one night at Miguel’s. We could have easily spent more time up there to hike around. Maybe someday we will.