A Road I Will Never Get to Bike-pack

Bummer – I was hoping to be able to explore that one stretch of road that Bob tried while in Costa Rica. When I inquired about that particular road, Bob said that he would never take me on that stretch. At least not the second half.

Why? That road is 22 km of dirt, straight up, that shredded the cleats. I cleaned up the language quite a bit here. Bob was told by a family that lives halfway up that hill that even the locals do not bicycle up that road. They opt for the easier route.

Yes, it would have been the biggest challenge of my biking life, but if I were there, I would have wanted to try that mountain. It is in my veins to tackle challenges that face me. Now, I will never know.

The first half of that route is one Bob said he would take me on. He described the first half challenging enough, followed by a downhill with fast-ass switchbacks.

Next trip to Costa Rica, I look forward to biking that first half of the road.