Stealth Camping

Stealth camping is exciting, unpredictable, and rewarding. It is also an inexpensive way to camp. To accomplish this, you need a dark colored, lightweight tent. A screen tent with no floor is ideal because it can be lowered when necessary.

For example, Bob and I decided to camp on a beach among the tall grass one night. We pitched up our tent right before dusk. It happened to be before beach patrol cruised his one round up and down the beach on the four-wheeler looking for stragglers. Inside the tent, Bob and I pulled up on the tent rods and lowered the height of the tent to below the height of the tall grass. Beach patrol had no clue we were there. Once he was done for the night, Bob and I raised the tent back to normal and had a great night sleep on the beach.

Regular tents work just fine. We have that too. Just make sure it is a dark color and a smaller size tent. Regardless of the tent, ALWAYS find the darkest location possible and wait until near dark before setting up the tent. It does help to survey the area before dark so you can return to the spot later with ease. Keep in mind that stealth camping also means remaining quiet. Communication needs to be done in whispers. We had to camp like that several times when we were in Costa Rica.

The next step to stealth camping is to be up early and pack your things quick. There is no time to stumble around for that first cup of coffee. Traveling light is the way to go. Not only by carrying the lightest weight equipment possible, but by packing a minimum amount of clothes. That method of travel allows for ease of locating things as well as quick packing.

We enjoy stealth camping because it allows us to camp in areas no one else does. It also provides us a different sense of adventure from the other camping we do.