My Start of Bike-Packing

It all started in high school when I read the book, A Walk Across America, by Peter Jenkins. I was hooked. My love for travel latched on to the idea of seeing the country someday in like manner. Over the years, other ideas came and went but the dream of travel by hiking remained persistent. Back road driving to destinations was as close as I was able to get at the time.

About 30 years after reading that book, my dream was realized except it would be on two wheels. What started out as a dream is now my lifestyle. It was by fate that I met Bob, and he introduced me to bike packing while we were still in the dating mode.

The 108 mile Michelson Trail through the Black Hills of South Dakota was my first experience. If you want to read about that, please read my post, Bike-Packing the Michelson Trail.

I was excited that I had finally found my niche in life. Since then, experiences never encountered before has expanded my horizons that even I had never dreamed of. If I had not broken out of that prison of a little box called the comfort zone, I would not be living the life I am today.