Only In Costa Rica

“Only in Costa Rica” has become a phrase for Bob and me during our travels there. Well, I really don’t know if the phrase is accurate, but that is the only place we have encountered the following. This was during our first trip in 2011.

In El Castillo, Bob and I saw a garbage truck with about a dozen grade school kids hanging on the sides. Curious, we watched long enough to see why. When the truck stopped, the kids jumped off and scrambled around to pick up the garbage bags and throw them into the back of the truck. They even looked like they were having fun.

In the middle of nowhere, we saw a distance sign saying “Balsal 30km”. Ten kilometers later on the same stretch of road, we saw the next distance sign saying “Balsal 30km”.

On our way to Manzanillo, a small Toyota flatbed truck with wooden slat rails passed us. On the back were at least 20 men. Some of them were hanging on the outside of the rails.  When we passed the ballpark, we saw them getting ready for their Sunday afternoon soccer game.

This next one happened during our second bike-pack trip in Costa Rica:

Bob and I wanted to go to Agua Caliente north of Briasis. It was all dirt roads and toug001h climbs. We came upon a “Y” in the road with a huge sign saying “Agua Caliente”.  The arrow pointed in the most peculiar direction. Great. Which way?

A man was sitting outside the small store situated to the right of the “Y”. Bob pointed to the sign and said, “Agua Caliente”, pointed to the left and said, “That way?” then pointed to the right and said “or that way?”. As if the situation weren’t frustrating enough, things got a little more exasperating when the man smiled broadly and said, “Si!”  Incidentally, we never did find Agua Caliente.

Only in Costa Rica – gotta love it!