Costa Rica

If you travel to Costa Rica:

Volcano Arenal


It helps to know some Spanish.

To see authentic Costa Rica, visit small villages.

The best time to visit is the high (dry) season. In general, that is December through April. The rest of the year is the green (rainy) season. Areas vary a bit so it is best to do some research on where you want to visit.

Carry some toilet paper with you. Not all public restrooms are supplied with that.

Some businesses charge to use their toilets.  The price ranges from 200 to 300 colons.

If you are on a budget, hostels are reasonably priced. They are also a great way to meet other world travelers.

When asking for directions, ask “where is LaFortuna?” Then you might get a straight answer. Never ask “Is LaFortuna that way?” and point. The answer will always be “si” (yes) even if you are pointing in the opposite direction.

If you are a birder and want to see macaws, visit Puerto Jiménez. They like to hang out there!

Do  not venture out alone after dark. This especially applies to San Jose and border towns.

Do not wear jewelry or clothing that stands out.

Keep your camera hidden until you use it.

Do not to allow anyone see where you keep your money and passport.

Places to stay:

Golfito: Hotel Golfito. It is basic but is clean and has A/C and a TV.

Ojochal: Chilantro Resort and Hangout. They also have tent space.

Rincon (in the Osa Peninsula): El Chontal Ecolodge. Cabins and tent space.

San Jose: Bekuo Hostel

Places to eat:

Note: I added Trip Advisor’s website when I could because the other links are Facebook. I wanted to try and accommodate people, like us, who do not do Facebook.

El Castillo: Pizza John’s  (Trip Advisor’s site)   Pizza John’s (their site)

Golfito: Buneas Diaz (Trip Advisor’s site)   Buneas Diaz  (their site) – hours: 6AM to 10PM.

San Jose: Soda Yogui’s (Trip Advisor’s site)   Soda Yogui’s (their site) – hours: open 24 hours except on Sundays. Sunday hours 12AM to 4PM.

San Vito: Panaderia Flor  – hours: 5AM to 8PM.

Bike shop:

La Cuesta: Ciclo Kike. Just south of Paso Canoas on Hwy 238, across from the park.


Plants above: At Wilson Botanical Garden

Plants below: At El Chontal Ecolodge within the Osa Peninsula


Below: slideshow of birds

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