Costa Rica Blues

March 2018

Costa Rica is a beautiful, rugged country that I love. This year, while Bob is bike-packing in Costa Rica, I will be working. That really bums me out. As I write this, he is organizing his stuff. Since the carry-on dimensions changed, he is test packing everything to make sure it all fits. This includes the tent and its poles.

It is fortunate that both Bob and I are light travelers, so we typically do not have problems fitting everything in a carry-on. Sometimes people wonder how we get away with traveling so light. It is simple – clothes get washed a lot.

Now, getting back to Costa Rica, last week Bob was planning a different route to ride. He was looking on the internet, carefully studying the map while telling me what to write down. It was a long process since he had to adjust the map in and out to see different landmarks and dead end roads.  Back roads are usually not marked so a person has to be detailed to hopefully avoid backtracking. One thing we do not want to do in Costa Rica is make a wrong turn.

I will have the blues, but the blues will not bring me down. There is too much to do while Bob is in Costa Rica. And when he gets home, he will have an adventure I look forward to hearing about.