Bicycle Challenge Unmet

Well, this lack of writing streak came upon me again and I have no reason except for the fact I simply did not take the time to write anything.

In my last post, I mentioned a challenge Bob proposed to me to reach a daily August average to match my age. After the month ended, I pondered whether I should bring it up in this post. Since I did mention the challenge, I decided I should.

Bluntly, I failed. The first half of the month started out great with me reaching or exceeding the mileage. Burnout started to set in mainly because in July, I rode over 1,100 miles. I took a few days off before a century ride that Bob and I registered for. It was fortunate that I did because I felt refreshed for those miles.

After that century ride, I rode when I wanted to; not because I had to. One issue I had was that my attempt to reach my goal interfered with adequately getting things done around home. Some things started to pile up a bit.

Bob said that what I did the first two and a half weeks were impressive. As many miles as Bob has on his back, he never attempted riding that kind of distance everyday from home. Putting on daily miles like that on a bike-pack trip is easier and much more enjoyable. To illustrate my point, two years ago Bob and I bike-packed 1,600 miles in 20 days. We had a great time.

From now on, I ride when I truly have time and want to ride. The main lesson I learned is that my life needs a balance between the responsibility of getting things done and leisure time. Tipped too far one way or the other, life is off kilter.

Biking Rebound

Yeah! Our bicycling drought ended. With one event after another up through June,  it got mighty frustrating to continuously delay our biking life. July gave Bob and me a good boost. I exceeded my minimum mileage goal for the month. That was a challenge I gave to myself.

For this month, Bob challenged me to ride enough to get a minimum daily average that matches my age; in the 50s. Since the weather doesn’t always cooperate, I will have to ride 100 plus miles more often when I can.

I am up for all that. There is a goal to reach by year’s end. With the late biking start, I will need to get several long rides in anyway. It might sound obsessive to some, but it is  something I want to do for myself.



Make Life an Adventure

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”   – William Feather

It is now a bit over two weeks of being held prisoner by poison ivy, Part of the joy of landscape work. Normally I am good about avoiding the toxic plant. This time I found out the owner mowed down and sprayed the stuff, thinking all would be okay. NOT.

I was not much in the mood to even try to write anything so I ended up missing another Wednesday. Before, I was simply too busy, and now this. I want to get back into the once a week posting.

Saturdays are not my usual post days, but decided to put in a little something just to let you know I am here. The past two days I finally got into a streak of writing and have a few articles waiting to be tweaked out and finished. Bob needs to assist me on one since it is about part of his Costa Rica bike-pack trip this past March. I hope to post several stories about his adventure.

If you are in one of the areas with heat wave advisories like we are right now, be careful, hydrate, and try to stay cool.




Nice Days, No Biking!

Nice days are passing us by and we have not been biking. Normally Bob and I would be riding every nice day we get. This spring we are clearing hiking trails that span over 350 acres. While working, we enjoy the blooming flowers and the little critters.

The one cottonwood tree is about done. We need to get a friend over who has a chainsaw with a longer bar to tackle the 5 foot wide trunk. The other cottonwood is on hold because of the swamp. I pulled out what I could without using a chainsaw. Bob and I will wait to finish that off when it is safer to navigate.

Biking is temporarily on the back burner, but at least Bob and I still get to enjoy the outdoors and get our exercise.




Crazy, Busy Times

Bob and I have been extra busy. So much that I had no time to write anything to post last week. Oh well. These days, that will happen on occasion.

A couple weeks ago we had a tree service drop our two cottonwoods. Cutting them up has been taking up our spare time. One is dropped over the swamp so that one will take extra time to get at.

That is okay with me. Balancing on the larger branches while pulling out what I can without falling in creates a new physical challenge that I embrace.