The Costa Rica Climb

Last year during Bob’s solo trip to Costa Rica, he had emailed me a description of the mountain road between Quepos and San Jose. It was the first time he had ridden it and commented that he would never take me up that road. Here is my post about that: A Road I Will Never Get to Bike-pack

During this year’s trip, Bob asked me if I wanted to have a taste of what he experienced. Of course I did! He decided that a 3 km climb to a little soda (restaurant) for lunch would suffice. Only 3 km? Really? My body agreed with that before we reached our destination.

Intense heat pierced the extensive shady stretches, making the ride brutal. Sweat poured out like rain. Lucky for me there were a couple spots we stopped at to take a breather. Somewhere before reaching the soda, I had to push my bike up the rest of the way. I sure know how to disappoint myself.

Going back down from the little soda to Quepos.

The road is a bit steeper than what the photo indicates. Bob and I had to ride the brakes down all the way to prevent from going too fast. At any rate, that road is a steady 22 km climb. Now I understand why Bob would never take me up the full distance.


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