Pavones, Costa Rica

Pavones, a popular destination for surfers, is on the southern end of Costa Rica, about 16 km from the Panama border. There have been many changes since Bob and I were there in 2011.

Back then, it was about half the size and had no police department. We were originally going to camp along the shores of the Pacific. A woman spotted us and walked down to invite us to camp in her yard. She was concerned for our safety as there was a recent attack on a tourist along the same area we were about to camp.

During this trip, we were trying to find the spot we wanted to camp years before. The shoreline was so over-grown that we could not locate the spot. The house was recognizable enough, but now there is a road along side of it. We saw a new small grocery store and a small restaurant. The restaurant, Tico Mex, has great food.

We guess that Pavones will quickly turn into more than a popular destination for surfers. Within the past year a condominium was built. We learned there are plans for more. Bob and I also guess that the gravel mountainous road into Pavones will soon be blacktopped.

Fortunately there is still a camping area for people like us.

Maybe some of authentic Costa Rica will remain in the future, like occasionally having to share the beach with cows.

Playa Pavones (Pavones Beach)



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