Bicycle Route

One of Bob’s goals is to establish a low traffic Indiana bicycle route that extends from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River. It took a few years of bicycling different routes to determine what would work best. After riding 8,000 miles to choose the best roads, we are now working on getting a route plotted out to introduce to the bicycling community.

The route will be called the Indiana North/South Continental Divide Ride. The name was chosen because of the geographic drainage at Lydick, which parts the waters of the Atlantic Coast (St. Lawrence Drainage) and the Gulf Coast (Kankakee Valley Drainage). The gem of this circuit is that it can be ridden without the need for return transportation from any point on the route.

From Lake Michigan, the route goes through South Haven, Berrien Springs, and Buchanan. Dropping into Indiana, the route will continue near Lydick, then through Culver, Winamac, Buffalo, Delphi, Greencastle, Bloomfield, Montgomery, Petersburg, Princeton, Owensville, New Harmony, and Mt. Vernon.

After crossing the Wabash River on Indiana 62 and a short ride south into Illinois, the route goes across Shawneetown Bridge over the Ohio River. From there, Bob used ten Adventure Cycling route maps to create a new circuit that totals over 3,900 miles.

Our goal is to have an inaugural ride on the Indiana section, north to south, in 2019. We plan to have the ride as a fund raiser for a worthy organization. More information will be posted soon.

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