Make Life an Adventure

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”   – William Feather

It is now a bit over two weeks of being held prisoner by poison ivy, Part of the joy of landscape work. Normally I am good about avoiding the toxic plant. This time I found out the owner mowed down and sprayed the stuff, thinking all would be okay. NOT.

I was not much in the mood to even try to write anything so I ended up missing another Wednesday. Before, I was simply too busy, and now this. I want to get back into the once a week posting.

Saturdays are not my usual post days, but decided to put in a little something just to let you know I am here. The past two days I finally got into a streak of writing and have a few articles waiting to be tweaked out and finished. Bob needs to assist me on one since it is about part of his Costa Rica bike-pack trip this past March. I hope to post several stories about his adventure.

If you are in one of the areas with heat wave advisories like we are right now, be careful, hydrate, and try to stay cool.




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