Trans-Am Bike Race

This past Saturday, June 2, the Trans-Am Bike race started from Astoria, Oregon. It is a 4,300 mile, self-supported bicycle race that ends in Yorktown, Virginia. Bob and I are following them on-line, watching returning participants. This is the fifth year for the race. The route follows one of the several Adventure Cycling routes.

Bob has bicycled that route years ago a couple times on his own. A few years back, he participated in that race. He started great until he reached Montana, where his bike frame broke. With over 100,000 miles on that bike, I guess that was due to happen. Thank God that Bob was coasting into town, rather than high speed down a mountain.

Bob was surprised that happened. One of our friends, who owns a bike shop, told us that he has seen cracked bike frames. There is a lot of stress on a couple points on a bike.

Last year, the race started to allow pairs. That is the only way I would think of participating in the Trans-Am race. Maybe within the next few years, when I can get my brain wrapped around the total distance I would be riding.  It would certainly  be the biggest bicycling challenge in my life.


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