Stealth Camping

When Bob and I bike-pack, stealth camping is sometimes a necessity. We have encountered being in a pinch several times and had to find someplace to pitch a tent. There are areas that we have stealth camped that were questionable. It was especially during those nights that I woke up to every small sound I heard. Absolute silence is mandatory during those situations.

One night was a real test. In the middle of the night my calf muscles suddenly cramped up bad. I had to grit my teeth to keep quiet while Bob rubbed my legs. That was one long night. We still managed to get going before daybreak and hustle out of there unseen.

Now you might wonder why we don’t plan on camping in designated sites. There are times we planned to, only to find out the only campground in the area had closed down for one reason or other. When it is getting late, we have no choice but to stealth camp.

Stealth camping is also fun. When home, sometimes Bob and I do a weekend stealth camp simply for the joy of it. There is nothing like watching beach patrol cruise the beach on the four-wheeler one last time, and he has no clue of our presence.

To get away with fun stealth camping is the best camping there is.


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