Biking Bliss

As much as I enjoy cross country skiing, about half way through the season I start looking forward to spring. The first sign of emerging flowers is one of my life’s delights. It also means warmer weather to start bicycling. Once we get past all the slop of early spring, the roads are good to go.

Back roads are my playground which is as large as I choose it to be. The freedom I feel when I ride long distance, solo day rides unleashes me from the inner prison of my thoughts. My attention is focused on the flowering plants and trees in spring through the colors in fall. I enjoy seeing the daily changes of nature. God is the greatest artist there is.

Most of my rides are with my husband, and there are times we will do sprints in friendly competition. Sometimes we ride with a friend or two and enjoy conversations.

Last year I was a few hundred miles short of breaking my record mileage from two years ago. This year I aim to accomplish my goal. Hopefully Bob and I will have time for at least a one week bike-pack trip this summer to help boost the miles.

It will be one extra busy year since I have other goals in mind as well.

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish this year? If so, I would love to know what they are!