Every day, every season, is rejoiced. God created them and I wake up every morning and recite Psalm 118:24. It gives me a positive frame of mind to remind me that even if things get a little rough, I will get through it.

A day of skiing two years ago was exceptionally divine. Serenity surrounded me as I skied through the tunnels of fresh, snow-laden trees. Within the tunnels, my thoughts turned to God and how he created all the beauty around me. I thanked him for those blessings. Quiet and solitude allowed me to feel God’s presence like I never felt before. I silently poured out my thoughts, to rejoice and praise the Lord for all he has done. My spirit felt fresh and renewed with the grace that God had given me.

God’s presence is always felt when I am outside. Whether it is bicycling, camping, hiking, skiing, or canoeing, he is there. God is the greatest artist whose work is constantly changing. To look for daily changes is delightful.

By now you might think I am always in a happy mood. No, I am not. Regrets still occasionally haunt me, sad days still hit me, and there are grumpy days. It is especially during those times I think on that one day of skiing. Why a winter day over the other three seasons? Fresh snow, being pure white, gives me a sense of renewal and hope.