Blessed in Costa Rica While Bikepacking

Bike packing 800 miles in Costa Rica was an exciting experience. With those experiences were answered prayers when in times of uncertainty.

Bob and I started every morning and ended every night with a prayer of thanks and a prayer of safety. There were several times we sent up extra prayers and Christ came through for every request.

Situation 1: The road on the way to San Miguel was pitted with so many large potholes that we had to constantly swerve around, which slowed our progress. Continued rain into the evening was no help either. Our lights were too dim to see well.

Concerned, I prayed for safety into San Miguel. Minutes later, we saw the van that passed us pulled over to the side. It was a young couple and they asked us if we would like some assistance. We gratefully accepted their offer. Their van was too full of business supplies to get our bikes in so they followed us so we could utilize their headlights.

Travel was still slow but we could see easier. We said our thanks and bid our good byes. That van was the only one we saw on that road the whole time.

Situation 2: In San Miguel we had no idea where to stay. Bob figured we would be past there to a place he knew. Both of us sent up prayers. A woman happened to see us and drove up to us. She owned cabinas (cabins) and had one vacant. Yes, two answered prayers in one day.

Situation 3: In Paquera, Bob was going to have us camp in the only campground. It was locked and it was too late to keep moving on. A business owner across the street was closing his shop. Bob, using sign language, indicated the gates were locked. The man pointed to a truck going past and Bob caught up to it. The man, an American, happened to be the owner.

He explained the campground was closed due to mango season so nobody could pick the mangoes from the trees within.

Again, Bob and I sent up prayers. The shop owner saw that we were in a predicament and indicated we could camp in his yard behind the shop. Of course we gladly accepted.

There are a few more situations in Costa Rica where prayers were answered just as prompt. Prayers were truly answered.

Oh, and just to throw in an incident that has nothing to do with our trip. Bob’s cousin, who works in a warehouse, had his foot crushed by a forklift twice. Doctors predicted that it would take a year or more for Tim’s foot to heal enough to go back to work.

Bob and I prayed unceasingly to heal Tim’s foot. Later, Tim had told us that he was back to work in six months. Bob and I told Tim what we did. He said he heard of that happening although he had not believed in prayer himself. After Tim learned we had prayed for his foot to heal, he had a lot to think about.

If you had any doubt if prayers are ever answered, I hope that what Bob and I personally experienced helped you to see that it does happen.

2 thoughts on “Blessed in Costa Rica While Bikepacking

  1. The power of prayer indeed. It sounded like good fate and fortune was on yours and Bob’s side while cycling in Costa Rica. Some people can be just so kind when you ask. It is always amazing how others don’t ask for something in return a lot of the time. That’s kindness from within right there.

    I’ve never been one to pray much but I do believe in fate and things happening for a reason. I also believe in the power of dreams. Some dreams I’ve had at night have come true – and in a way, a bit creepy 😀

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    1. Dreams come true, yes. I remember my high school physical education teacher mentioned a dream she had that came true. Unfortunately it was a tragic one that involved both her parents. It was the first time I ever heard of a dream coming true and will never forget that.

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